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Baking with Joy
Café & Bakery
347 Centre Ave. (Route 123)
Rockland, MA 0237022_New_Cafe.html
Learn more about Swedish Almond Cakes in two flavors. Four cakes for only $45 including shipping.10_Swedish_Almond_Cake.html

ALL NATURAL ~ No Artificial Anything

Made from Scratch ~ Trans Fat Free ~ No Added Preservatives

Learn about the many products we have at the farmers markets. 
Many may be shipped directly to you.21_Farmers_Markets.html
phone: 781-878-8828
E-mail: info@bakingwithjoy.commailto:info@bakingwithjoy.comshapeimage_6_link_0
fax: 781-878-8827
Opening Saturday October 25th22_New_Cafe.html